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We help connect students from Years K-12 with experienced school teachers by providing online classes at this one-stop platform.

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The future of learning starts here.

WinClass provides a one-stop collaborative environment for all your education & tutoring needs.

Tailored Tutoring

Designed mainly for one-on-one online lessons in the form of Q&A, we provide the integrated one-stop solution for both tutors and students. Students come for specific tutorial assistance while tutors in turn provide customised classes to strengthen students’ understanding of their subjects. WinClass is purpose-built for live online education, facilitating gains for the student's academic improvement.

Key Subjects Covered

The flexibility of our system to allow tutors to self-organise their time slots remains one of the major factors in attracting great teachers to WinClass. This ensures students have access to a multitude of subjects across all school years. Parents will be in a position to choose the most suitable tutor for their child.

Backed by Experience

WinClass hand-picks only fully qualified school teachers with many holding advanced degrees in addition to their teaching qualifications. They have direct knowledge of their teaching areas and current understanding of the standard syllabus. Most importantly, all our tutors are required to have a valid Working With Children Check.


An Innovative Online Learning Platform.

Powered by technology

Central Dashboard


Selecting subjects, choosing tutors, scheduling lessons, and entering classrooms can all be organised from our user-friendly dashboard. With convenience in mind, WinClass facilitates users to teach or study freely at any time or anywhere that suits them best.

Self Booking

Self-Booking & Cancellation System

Parents are able to self-book and self-cancel classes providing families with the ultimate freedom to adjust to the time constraints that may be encountered. Students are not locked into any fixed-term contracts and the learning schedule is solely dependent on what time they are available.

Built In Classroom


With an integrated private classroom, students can seamlessly enter their scheduled classes at the click of a button. No need to navigate multiple links, install any app or configure any other unnecessary setup.

Our Collaborative Virtual Classroom

Subject-Specific Tools

Along with our powerful whiteboard, there are a number of subject-specific teaching tools. Video conference, whiteboards, document editors, screen sharing and even coding! Whatever subject students wish to expand, WinClass has tools equipping them to easily comprehend the information presented by their tutors.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Our standard classroom comes with an integrated and collaborative whiteboard. Draw, type, annotate, load content, share files with ease while maintaining the ability to use multiple tags and pages. WinClass brings the most advanced technology to enrich and enhance your learning.

One-Click Connect

Join your scheduled classes by directly entering the learning space which is connected with your timetable. Without having to manage any other classroom links, it couldn’t be easier to get started!

Reliable Video

Our online video conferencing uses the latest technology to ensure the smoothest possible experience. We continue to invest in the latest technologies to ensure the best streaming outcomes possible.

Session Recording

Lessons will be recorded to enable students to review and reinforce a recently learned concept and to ensure all interactions are appropriate. It will also help file students’ programs with a minimum of fuss by saving materials to the Library for revision at any time.

Advanced Troubleshooting

In the event of any video or audio issues, our advanced troubleshooting dialog can quickly identify and resolve any problems helping to facilitate a trouble-free learning experience.

Why Choose Us



WinClass provides hassle-free pricing packages according to school year groups to fit different needs. Without any hidden fees, credits can be shared between students in the same family to minimize the cost and control your budget.


Family Package Sharing

Separate profiles for multiple children can be set-up under one account, with siblings in the same year group able to share the same package, ensuring credits never go to waste.


No lock-in committment

Not only can you easily book the best time for your schedule, but you may also cancel a booking online up to 48 hours before a class starts without charge. The freedom is all yours to decide when your child needs academic help or takes a break.

Our Promise

Service Quality

Daily reminders are sent by email to help ensure you will not miss a class. Multilingual (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) customer service staff are ready to answer any enquiries from teachers, parents, and students. We are always happy to have a chat by phone or email.


Free Class Trial Voucher

WinClass periodically emails free class trial vouchers for participants to access our platform. Our optimized system, highly qualified tutors, advanced classroom, and illustrative whiteboard will bring you a new experience of how good an online class can be.

Ready to try a new online tutoring experience?