How WinClass works

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An intuitive self-booking system where you can easily choose the most suitable time for a class.

Upload and Store your learning materials online

A cloud-based Library where students can securely save any class materials for future revision.

FAQs for Students

WinClass provides an online platform to encourage students to ask for help with specific areas of concern via Question-and-Answer sessions. Its website offers a one-stop e-learning solution which strives to create a collaborative online environment for both tutors and students to teach and learn in a friendly setting. Students come with their questions for tailored tutorial assistance. Tutors in turn provide customised lessons to clarify any confusion, thereby strengthening any very specific gaps a student may have in their knowledge.

With maximum convenience in mind, WinClass allows people to teach and study freely at any time, anywhere, in total comfort to provide the best environment for learning.

Firstly, WinClass hand-picks only qualified and experienced school teachers as our tutors. Our system enables teachers to easily self-organise their tutorial slots after their classroom commitments have been completed. The flexibility of time attracts more and more teachers to WinClass which is why you can find almost any key subject for any school year from any State at WinClass to suit your personal academic needs.

Further, our unique system allows the student to self-book an Online Class which not only provides maximum flexibility but also saves money. Instead of being locked into a fixed term-contract, you will have full freedom to decide when you would like to have a lesson or take a break.

Another significant feature of WinClass is the world’s most advanced Built-in Classroom. Without the need to navigate multiple links, install any app, or configure unnecessary setup, tutors and students simply click a button connected with the scheduled lessons and seamlessly enter their classrooms. Furthermore, with our interactive whiteboards and subject-specific tools your lesson will produce better outcomes.

Additionally, your lessons will be recorded to enable students to reinforce a recently learned concept and materials can be saved to a Library for revision later. Your study programs can be easily followed and we will help students to systematically file and organise their learning plan.

You must be 18 years of age or older to register as a Client. Usually, a parent will be the person to register an account. Once the account is open, the Clients(Parents) can then add their child/children to the registered account.

Registration at WinClass Platform as a Client is free. The Client must purchase Class Packages before making any booking. Class Packages include different amounts of Online Class units according to different school year groups. For each Online Class the Student has completed, the corresponding unit will be deducted from the Client’s account leaving an adjusted unit balance. All class pricing compares favourably to market prices, with details visible after logging into your Student Account.

Yes, students registered in the same Student Account can share unit balance for any subject without limitation if the students belong to the same school year group.

If students registered in the same account are in different school year groups, separate packages will need to be purchased.

Payments can be made by EFT or Credit Card (2% fee applies for Credit Card transactions). Our bank account details are found on the payment page but please leave your Login Name as the reference when making a payment.

Yes, an Online Class can be cancelled by the Client through our self-booking and self-cancellation system on our Platform. However, the Online Class can only be cancelled by the Client 48 hours (or more) before the Class is due to take place. Please note, if an Online Class is cancelled by the Client within 48 hours before it is due to take place, or if the Online Class is not cancelled but not attended by the Client, the full Class unit will be deducted from the Client’s account balance.

You can upload your questions to your Library which is an internal learning-material centre for both tutors and students to communicate for academic purposes. Once you upload your questions, your Tutors will be able to see it through their Library.

No, we suggest you not to do so as we believe it is not appropriate. We provide this platform merely for academic purposes. We would never encourage you to create and develop personal social networks using the WinClass Platform and Website.

Please dress in comfortable casual attire appropriate for the occasion. Inappropriate attire is not permitted on our Platform during an Online Class.

No, any Online Class credits purchased as part of a package will never expire until they are consumed. Credits will be deducted on the completion of an Online Class.

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