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Benefits of becoming a WinClass Tutor

Earn some extra income

Our pay for tutors is dependent on certain circumstances. The more you teach, the more pay is earned bcause we pay per class. The sky's the limit here.


You choose when you want to teach. WinClass lessons take place remotely so you’re free to teach from whenever you feel most comfortable.

Set your own schedule

You have complete freedom over what days and time you’re available to teach. There are no requirements on how many classes you need to teach per month, the schedule is all yours to control.


It's simple to get started.

All it takes is 3 easy steps.

Meet our basic requirements for becoming a tutor
  • An acceptable form of photographic identification such as passport or driver's license
  • Hold an Accredited Teaching Degree Qualification (e.g Bachelor of Education, Master of Teaching etc)
  • Hold a current and valid Working With Children Check.
  • We welcome tutors who teach any subjects and school grades, so long as they meet the above criteria.
Get in touch with us

Send an email to if you have any questions during this process.

Congratulations, you’re well on the way to becoming a WinClass tutor!

Now sit tight and wait for one of our friendly WinClass staff to get in touch personally with the next steps.


FAQs for Tutors

WinClass provides an online platform to encourage students to ask for help with specific areas of concern via Question-and-Answer sessions. Its website offers a one-stop e-learning solution which strives to create a collaborative online environment for both tutors and students to teach and learn in a friendly setting. Students come with their questions for tailored tutorial assistance. Tutors in turn provide customised lessons to clarify any confusion, thereby strengthening any very specific gaps a student may have in their knowledge.

With maximum convenience in mind, WinClass allows people to teach and study freely at any time, anywhere, in total comfort to provide the best environment for learning.

One of WinClass’ significant features is that we only invite fully qualified and experienced school teachers to limit the number of tutors on our platform. Thus, you will not be submerged amongst thousands of non-qualified tutors and find it much easier to be noticed by students. This position differentiates us from some other tutoring entities. We believe that qualified teachers are more familiar with the current syllabus, better professionally trained to express their teaching methods and are more reliable from parents’ perspectives.

To bring this concept to fruition, we have developed the platform to facilitate the flexibility which allows teachers to offer their skills after classroom commitments are completed. Our unique system allows tutors to easily open or close time slots, giving you full freedom to decide when you would like to teach. WinClass does not ask its tutors to commit to any fixed teaching time, so your tutoring schedule is totally dependent upon your availability. You will be able to earn fees based solely on the time you wish to avail yourself, while simultaneously helping students solve their academic problems.

Another significant feature of WinClass is the world’s most advanced Built-in Classroom. Without the need to navigate multiple links, install any app, or configure unnecessary setup, tutors and students simply click a button connected with scheduled lessons and seamlessly enter classrooms. Most importantly, with our interactive whiteboards and subject-specific tools, your teaching will produce better outcomes.

In addition, all lessons will be recorded to enable students to reinforce a recently learned concept and materials can be saved to a Library for revision at any time. The study programs are traceable, and we will help students to systematically file and organise their learning plan.

Finally, you do not need to worry about managing timetables for different students, chasing payments from parents, or filing materials for various subjects. Your Tutor’s Portal includes everything you need to deliver a high-quality class. WinClass will enable tutors to concentrate on teaching without being bothered by administrative chores which WinClass will do for you.

No, WinClass has set standard fees for our Online Class at fixed prices according to school year groups: AUD 50.00 / class for K to Year 6 students, AUD 50.00 / class for Year 7 to Year 10 students, and AUD 60.00 / class for Year 11 and Year 12 students. (All prices include GST).

Tutors are required to provide their first Online Class free of charge as a trial lesson on the WinClass platform. Payments will be calculated from the second Online Class conducted by you.

We may change any of the rates from time to time to reflect legitimate cost increases or reductions in operating this Website. We will give you 30 days’ notice of any change in the rates. Any such changes to Online Classes will start from the first class after the date on which the change is stated to take effect.

Registration on the Platform as a Tutor is free. A minimum fee will be charged for each completed Online Class to maintain the cost of managing, operating, and marketing the Platform. However, it is variously calculated as part of the Package that the Client/Parent purchased. The Tutor does not need to pay us separately. The Tutor’s fixed Online Class price is how much the Tutor will get paid from us (Incl GST).

We will pay the Online Class fee to your nominated bank account on the 1st day of every month, or within the next 2 business days if the 1st day of the month falls at the weekend or is a public holiday. The tutor acknowledges and agrees that he/she is solely responsible for taxes payable in connection with the provision of services including, without limitation, any income tax and/or GST. Please note, our fixed prices are inclusive of GST. If your ABN is not GST registered, the class fees will have GST deducted.

Yes. An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11- digit number that identifies your business to the government and community. You need to provide a valid ABN to become a WinClass tutor. It is a very simple process to register for an ABN.

Please only choose the school year group(s) that you have been teaching, the subjects that you are most adept at and qualified to teach. You should also make sure that you are always up to date with the syllabus requirements of the subjects that you teach. You may only choose to teach a maximum of 5 subjects in the same school year group as a tutor.

When you log into your Tutor’s account, you will see the portal page with all the functions you need to manage your timetable, subjects, and materials. What you need to do is just simply click “Open Time Slots” at the left-hand column, then you will see a user-friendly calendar page with clear dates and time periods displayed. You can open and close any of these time slots by clicking the appropriate blocks. Students will see the Tutor’s opened or closed time slots from his/her student portal.

Tutors can only cancel booked Online Classes by submitting a notice of cancellation to our email: with acceptable documents to support the reason for cancellation. If events or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Tutor prevent, or are likely to prevent, the Tutor from attending a session the Tutor should make every effort to rearrange an alternative Online Class as soon as possible. If the Online Class cannot be rearranged, the Tutor must inform us at the earliest by sending email to

Yes. An acceptable form of photographic identification is highly recommended when you set up your biography. The photo should be a recently taken image, be of clear quality, not be retouched in any way, and shot with a plain white or light grey background which contrasts with your face. A professional looking photo is required.

You can upload your response to the Library which is an internal learning-material centre for both tutors and students to communicate for academic purposes. Once you upload your response, your students will be able to see it through their Library.

No, you cannot to do so as we believe it is not appropriate. We provide this platform merely for academic purposes. We would never encourage you to create and develop personal social networks using the WinClass Platform and Website.

Please dress in smart casual attire. Inappropriate attire is not permitted on our Platform during an Online Class.